Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions, is composed of 'Account Terms', 'necfru Terms of Use' and 'Privacy Policy' as defined below. Terms and Conditions including all the elements that make up these.
Users of the services ('Users') provided by Necfru Inc. ('Company') are treated as agreed for all components of these.

In compliance with Japanese law, this Terms and Conditions are the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of first instance the Tokyo District Court. Those displayed in all Japanese is correct, these Terms and Conditions will be interpreted only by the Japanese.

This Terms and Conditions, it is assumed that the management company can be arbitrarily changed without prior notice at the discretion of its own. Users will be deemed to have agreed to the contents at the time of the change. Sites related to these Terms and Conditions, Company may interrupt or stop service delivery and change of services provided content for any reason without prior notice.

Account Terms

Users will do the registration of the account information (Including the interests and rights of all about account and information that has been registered. Hereinafter the same.) after having agreed to these Terms and Conditions. Users will be able to make use of necfru and other sites using the account information that have registered. If the Users to use these sites, they will be subject to the provisions of the Terms of Use of the site.

For additional site available in the account information and other changes , it is assumed that it is possible that Company is arbitrarily set, Users will agree to this.
Information about these changes, shall be notified by the service provider screen. In addition, when using the site, per use of account information registered, Users may be able to use a feature that can be selected arbitrarily by myself.
It is described in the service delivery screen for each site for the services to be provided by the need for account information that you have registered, and able to use your account information registered.

Users can not lend and transfer to any third party account information of self that it has registered.For any purpose other, Users will not be able to be used by a third party account information of self-registered.

To the email address that Users have registered from the Company, Guidance of the services provided by the Company will be sent.

By using the account information of the self that it has registered, going through the software (includes those provided through the communication line and those recorded on the recording medium, an add-in browser,etc..) and third-party websites that Company does not specify, Users can not download the video data from the video site, which can be viewed at necfru.

For the handling of personal information that Company will acquire the time of registration or account information, the Users, Company will be in accordance with the contents of the 'Privacy Policy' that make up this Terms and Conditions.If there is the risk or an act in violation of the account terms by Users, is sometimes performed deletion of the registration account information without prior notice to the user, the other corresponding to the operating company. It is a decision based on the reason of any of the Company. Users can approve this.

necfru Terms of Use

  • 1.Application of Terms of Use

    'Necfru Terms of Use' will be applied for the use of 'necfru' the Company operated.

  • 2.'Necfru member' registration

    After accepting the 'necfru Terms of Use', Users who wish to register 'necfru member' registers in accordance with a given registration method.

  • 4. Handling of the contract after the expiration

    If the Premier account use 'necfru member' has canceled the contract with Company, agreement on the use of Premier account of the Company and 'necfru member' will be expired.
    Also in the agreement after the expiration, the extent and duration of Company provisions, history of service that was provided to the 'necfru member' at 'necfru' is retained.If the new contracts have been entered into with the Company and [necfru member] again during this period, to be able to take over the extent and duration of Company defines the state of the history of the service that was provided in the previous will.However, this is due to any of Company, it does not guarantee that the history of all services taken over necessarily.

  • 6. Attribution of rights

    Copyright, patent rights, trademark rights and all rights other on the information provided by the Company through 'necfru' and 'necfru', which shall belong to the company or 'necfru member'that produced the video.
    Company must be based on permission to use the copyright to 'necfru member' who created a video provided by Company through 'necfru'.
    'necfru member' who created a video provided by Company through 'necfru' is committed that it does not infringe the intellectual property rights and copyright of third parties.
    Company will not be held the responsibility at all.
    If it is determined that the video has been uploaded to 'necfru' is are true prohibition and infringement of the copyright of a third party, Company, regardless of established how the buying and selling intent and judgment of 'necfru member', can remove immediately.
    Company will cancel the qualification of 'necfru member' who repeatedly upload videos that infringe on the copyrights of a third party, and will take appropriate action in accordance with the law.
    'necfru member' acknowledges that it does not cause any action in which there is threatens, restriction, interference and those risk to 'necfru member' produced a video or Company.
    'necfru member' will it shall be assumed to be used only in private their own purposes the information that is provided through 'necfru', it is not shall be taken to reproducte, copy, accumulate, transfer without permission and may not be used for commercial purposes .

  • 7. Prohibition of transfer, etc.

    'necfru member' can not lend or transfer to a third party account information and the position of Premier account. And can not be provided them as settings pledge and other security.

  • 8. Suspension of use

    When 'necfru member' have committed acts in violation of the Terms of Use of the site is subject to the 'necfru', Company may want to limit the use of the site by 'necfru member', and may limit some or all of the services that were provided to 'necfru member', and may want to terminate the contract with 'necfru member' on the use of 'necfru'.
    When it becomes the termination of the contract by the reason, charge for up to a month in which the date of termination will be incurred in the case of a Premier account.
    In addition, repayment of all is not from 'Company'.
    Company, in accordance with Terms and Conditions of each site subject to 'necfru', may carry out to provide restrictions on use of some or all of the services provided in the site by the authority of Company.

    That it is not by 'necfru member' affect these measures, contract with Company relating to the use of 'necfru' does not mean that getting rid of the provision restriction of services by the operating company.Reason to limit the use of services by Company, it is assumed that the refund of all is not performed from Company.
    If there is no payment of fees, Company shall that it is possible to stop the provision of necfru without the notification to 'necfru member'.

  • 9. About available services

    Assuming that it is displayed in the description page of the delivery of Services For more information about service contents of 'necfru', users who wish to register with the 'necfru member' to confirm the service offerings of these, in terms of consent, signed a contract with Company.
    Company, it is assumed that it is possible to change the price and service content of 'necfru' by announcing in advance the site of 'necfru', 'necfru member' will agree to this.
    It will not be effective during the use of 'necfru' and registration to the 'necfru member', getting parental consent whenever the user of minors. It is assumed that the consent of the person with parental authority at the time registering to 'necfru member'.

  • 10. Response Company

    If Company confirms the action corresponding to the prohibitions by the user, follow the corrective, including the removal of writing and account information that the user has registered without prior notice to the user at the discretion of Company.
    Of the video provided by the operating company through 'necfru',
    In video trade is established between the time Company has removed and determined that the applicable prohibitions and infringement of the copyright of a third party,
    Company do the refund was to buyer 'necfru member'. Provided, however, that viewing period is left, and not 30 days old from the transaction conclusion. It has passed more than 30 days from the movie transaction conclusion or if the viewing period is not left, Company do not refund to buyer [necfru member]. The user agrees to this.
    If the management company is determined to be necessary based on any reason, Company may be presented with a deletion of writing and account information that the user has registered without prior notice to the user, even if that corresponds to the prohibition is not clear.
    May be based on laws and regulations,
    If there is a need for the protection of life and property or the human body, If there is a need for promoting the sound development of children or improvement of public health, Is likely to hinder the performance of the office by obtaining the consent of the person if there is a need to cooperate with a person who has received the commission or local government or agency in the country to carry out the affairs prescribed by law case, If Company requires determines in order to respond to the claim to acts that violate the rights of any third party, If Company is determined to be the operational needs of 'necfru' Other. In these cases, its parent company with respect to all actions performed by a user during use of 'necfru' and writing of text in 'necfru' , It is possible to save and disclosure and provide all the information about the user who made ​​the act(Of the user personal information , all information relevant to the account registration , all information relating to the use of 'necfru' by the user Other , IP address management company has confirmed and time stamp, etc. all information on the network) and Record of the act, the user agrees to this.
    For copyright of writing the text of the user in the 'necfru', it is assumed that the all is transferred to Company at the time the user has write, Company is able to make every business and publishing using the text.(Right as defined in Article 28 and Article 27 of the Copyright Law of Japan will also be transferred to Company)However, the operating company, which shall be right to use the text that the user himself has written.
    For vesting of the text, the user shall not perform exercise and claim any rights to Company and A person who is specified in Company.For support of all, including deletion of writing by Company, the deletion of the account information that the user has registered, the user will agree that they will not object to Company.

  • 11. Prohibited matter

    When use by the user of 'necfru', the following acts is prohibited.
    The act of aiding, soliciting, forced and encourage a criminal offense, and act in violation of laws and regulations
    Act on the burden of excessive server of 'necfru'
    Act that interferes with the operation of 'necfru',Act to determine Company is inappropriate.
    Actions that interfere with the use of other users of 'necfru'
    Pre-exercise of the election, the act of the election campaign or similar to, and the act of violation of the Public Offices Election Law
    Infringe honor, reputation, privacy,portrait rights,publicity rights, copyrights, intellectual property rights or other of others(include all those recognized on precedent and those established by law)
    Acts corresponding to the harassment , intimidation, slander to other users.
    Related to ethnicity, religion, race, gender, age, etc., the expression acts that lead to discrimination.
    Acts like to solicit, induce, encourage suicide, mass suicide, self-harm, illicit drug use, the circumvention drug use.
    Act to induce the encounter for the purpose of acts of indecency and sexual intercourse.
    Acts that pose representation sexual act, obscene manner, violent, excessive discomfort.
    Post link to the download site child prostitution, pornography, uncensored video.
    Act of buying and selling, auction, money or payment and similar other not with the authorization of Company.
    Advertising products that do not with the authorization of the management company, public profile of content for the purpose of advertising, other spam, act for the purpose of solicitation of chain mail, etc.
    Mainly a result of claiming the name of another person, the organization name of the other company, etc., and act spoofing.
    Offense against public order and morals, common sense
    Acts conform to these and other,prohibited Actions in the guidelines, such as the operating company to present.

Privacy Policy

Please read the privacy policy of the Company that are listed in regard to the efforts and policies of the Company relating to the collection and use of your personal information.This Privacy Policy is incorporated into these Terms and Conditions by having you see, to constitute a part of this Terms of Use.By Hence, by agreement to these Terms and Conditions,for use of services related to these Terms and Conditions provided by other sites and 'necfru' Company does,user shall agree also be subject to valid privacy policy in the use time.